The Effects of Land use Location on Rural Construction in Bojnourd County

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1 Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

2 ferdowsi university of mashhad


Purpose: One of the problem and abnormalities in rural settlements is lacked of optimally locating of suggested user in Rural Guidance Plans. So that lacked of optimally locating of suggested user in Rural Guidance Plans will be cases of low efficiently use and ultimately lack of access to development. The purpose of this study is checking the threat of locating suggested user in Rural Guidance Plans and its effects on civil and rural development in Bojnourd County.
Methodology: The research methodology in this study in terms of the purpose is functional and the term of method is descriptive-analytical and collect of data is field and method of analysis of information has taken place in form of descriptive statistic (mean, standard deviation) and inferential (factor analysis, solidarity, regression) has taken place. And for this purpose, 30 person of County officials and executive managers of a number of villages of County the questioning to be paid.
Finding: The results of the factor analysis shows that environmental factors, and hope for the future well-being, productivity and physical respectively account for 11, 9.3, 8.7 and 8.3 percent of the variance had the greatest impact on rural development. Then, using stepwise regression, the eight factors extracted from factor analysis, five factors have a positive impact on rural development showed that social variables, user fit and comfort and hope for the future with respect to 0.414, 0.383 and 0.226 greatest change rural Development explained.
Practical implications: It is recommended that be plenty of attentions to during the implementation of in Rural Guidance Plans to locating of suggested user and Taking into account all of the demotions that relate to effect of locating of suggested user and be avoided in civil and rural development from the purely physical perspective to the usages be efficiently. And level of satisfaction of the settlements be highest that this matter makes that level of satisfaction goes higher and finally will be cause of increase in efficiency of Rural Guidance Plans.