Analysis of Income Sources of Rural Municipalities (Dehyari) Using Participatory Evaluation Approach (Case Study: Narjouiyeh Village in Jiroft County)

Document Type : علمی


1 Sistan and Baluchestan University

2 Tarbiat Modarres University


Purpose: Village contributors are considered as the executive power of village planning system in the local level that needs to have financial self-sufficiency to achieve rural sustainable development. The purpose of this study is to analysis the income resources of village contributors by emphasis on people contribution and achievement of endogenous development.
Methodology: The region under study is Narjouiyeh village, the province of central part of Jiroft city in Kerman, statistical population that includes the villagers of Narjouiyeh and 38 people of local authorities form the sample population. For data collection, it has been used of documentary and field studies with collaborative tools. At the beginning, financial and income opportunities of village was recognized by people that lead to providing the village resource map.
Finding: Results from the analysis of organizational statistics showed that the most important income resources of village contributors of Narjouiye are consecutively as follows: governmental grants, income from building duties and usage change, donated helps of individuals and private organizations and the cost of services. In addition the result of cooperative evaluation about the importance of resources (The analysis of potential resources) showed that the most important financial resources of Narjouiyeh village are as follows: duties and taxes, performance of cooperative projects and creating local markets. While the analysis of relation (potential resources) showed that except duties and taxes, the relation between significance and relation of income resources of Narjouiyeh village contributor is reversed.
Practical implications: It us suggested that in order not to be dependent to the government and outer forces, the village contributor of Narjouieh should pay attention to the significance and priority of the resources inside village and make attempts to their realization and entrance to financial system of village contributor; in order have endogenous and secure financial resources in the future.