Adaptation to Climate Change in Sirvan County, Ilam Province: Options and Constraints

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1 University of Isfahan

2 Isfahan University of Technology


Purpose: The study was descriptive-analytical, the aim was to investigate the know effective factors on adaptation intention to climate change in rural districts in Sirvan County and data collection and data requirements, use of field data (questionnaire) and library.
Methodology: The population of the study will constitute Sirvan County all residents in the area. To estimate the sample size, was used Table Bartlett et al. and 162 individuals (households) were selected. The multi-stage probability sampling was used in this study. Farmers were asked open-ended questions about whether they had noticed any long-term changes in mean temperature and rainfall, and the direction of the change.
Finding: This study shows that despite having perceived changes in temperature and rainfall, a large share of farmers (%65.9) in rural districts of Sirvan County did not take any adaptive measures. In Sirvan County, common measures used by farmers include changing planting dates (6.17%), planting different crops (5.55%) or crop varieties (4.32%). Logistic regression analysis showed that the variables of household land area, access to extension, access to formal credit, having a second job, education, age, experience dealing with drought in the past five years, level of household income about 83% of the explained variance the dependent variable (Adaptation to climate change).
Research limitation: One of the main challenges in this study is high costs of completing the questionnaire, according to the extent of the study area, the main challenges facing researchers in this study.
Practical implications: According to the findings, suggestions included providing coordination of policies and operating banks, improved extension services to farmers in the region to promote the use of rate increases, increased extension classes and strategies related to climate change adaptation in distant villages.
Original/value: Currently one of the major challenges of climate change and its effects on different parts of the world and Iran, especially in rural areas and agriculture. Adapting to climate change in the debate, the subject expectations, one of the major categories of the world that had previously been less considered.