Measuring of Agricultural Development Levels in Villages of Qaratureh Dehestan Using TOPSIS Technique

Document Type : علمی


1 Razi University

2 University of Yasooj


Purpose: Identifying and studying facilities and capabilities and Followed by determine the level of agricultural development, the first step in the planning process and the development of agriculture. The purpose of this study was to investigate the agricultural development situation in Qaratureh Dehestan and ranking these villages in terms of having to agriculture development indicators and determination the most advanced and the deprived and showing agricultural development priorities in region.
Methodology: In this study by using of resources and field studies are obtained 47 indicators of agricultural development, then was determined weight indicators by using the entropy and finally the villages were ranked by using the TOPSIS method. Then by using Morris model, a comparison was adjusted. Population was all farmers in 27 villages Qratoreh Dehestan (N=2800) that by using stratified sampling method with Proportional allocation a sample to size 338 was selected in base Morgan table.
Finding: The results TOPSIS showed that the villages of district according to development coefficient (Ci+) were classified to three levels of developed (3 villages), developing (11 villages), and least developed (13 villages), were classified. Also, to explaining the amount of disparities in various aspects of agriculture development was calculated dispersion coefficient for each section. Results showed that most disparities villages’ respective is related to water resources and irrigation sectors and animal.
Research limitation: Because of to lack some information, were excluded a number of important indicators.
Practical implication: According to Qaratureh Dehestan is agricultural center. Can be whit natural resource management and manpower training specialist, Combination of agriculture (Combination of livestock beside agronomy and garden) that cause improve livelihood applied and income when you apply one of these three is stagnating and improve agriculture.
Original/ value: Applications of this research, is to help in the distribution agricultural credit among the rural districts of the country.