An Investigation into the Goals of Building a Second House in Rural Areas and determining its Impacts on the Relations between the City and Village (Case of Study: Central Region of Gorgan County)

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University of Golestan


Purpose: The emergence and spread of these houses in rural areas lead to the changes in rural-urban relations. The purpose of this study was to analyze factors and motivations in the construction of second houses in countrysides and its effects on rural areas.The areas under study were countrysides in South Astarābād and Anjyrab in the central district of Gorgan county.
Methodology: The primary means of data collection was questionnaire and 115 second home owners were selected as the population sample. For the analysis and study of the research data, descriptive and inferential statistics along with the SPSS software were used.
Finding: The results suggests that, most respondents had positive effects in terms of the second houses villages economically (supply employment), social aspect (increased reverse migration to rural areas - raising awareness of local people (And the environmental- body (an important tool of climate and beautiful landscape using sustainable materials) And. On the other hand, the most important negative effects of this phenomenon emerging in the study area and within the city of village Economy aspect (rising land prices, stagnant agricultural activities and reduce the supply of products to the city (Socially aspect (increase consumption cultural conflicts in the village and villagers with Migratory In terms of environmental and physical environment aspects (forests and agricultural land use changes), as have.
Research limitation: the main limitation of this research is related to the paucity of literature on the objective of constructing second houses in urban-rural relations.
Practical implications: Further planning of the authorities for the use of financial and intellectual capitals of the rural migrants for the development and strengthening of rural-urban relations and preparing the ground for increased interaction and dialogue between local people and urban migrants with the aim of strengthening the relationships and social position of villagers.
Original/value: innovation in investigating the effects of constructing second houses on urban-rural relations.