Identify and Analysis the Factors Affecting Development of Tourism in Rural Areas (Case Study: Rural Areas of Jiroft County)

Document Type : علمی


University of Isfahan


Purpose: the tourism industry, its development requires adequate knowledge and understanding of the economic, social and cultural issues and factors. : The present study has an effort to evaluate the facilities and infrastructure that needs to development of tourism. It also identify and analysis the factors that affecting in sustainable development of tourism industry in rural area of Jiroft.
Methodology: This research is an applied study that has been done whit descriptive - analytical approach. Data and information in this study is collected with the both documentary and field methods.
Finding: The results showed that the views of experts, the development of infrastructure and facilities that tourism development are needed them, in the rural area of Jiroft have not been satisfactory and the difference of between the average satisfaction levels and the level of expert’s satisfaction is significant. It also showed that the development of tourism and economic development in this region there have a significant relationship. But the development of tourism in the current situation it has not been able to affect in economic development of this region as it should be.
Research limitation: The main limitation of this study is the lack of adequate data and statistics of infrastructure and tourist facilities.
Practical implications:The development of communication infrastructure, diversify in residence places, appropriate advertising, creation of tourism villages and etc., employing the skilled manpower, The use of local materials in the construction of hotels and resorts, the increasing of local production of food items, expand production and sale of local handicrafts and conservation and restoration of monuments and historical sites, Including the strategies for sustainable development of tourism in this region.
Original/value: The article innovations are in the analysis factors and offering the guidelines for tourism sustainable development in rural areas of Jiroft.