Presenting a Model to Explain the Relationship between the Sustainability of the Farming System and Life Quality in Rural Areas (Case study: Miandeh Dehestan of Fasa County)

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Isfahan University


Purpose: In this study, the relationship between sustainable agriculture and the quality of life in rural areas is Miandeh Dehestan in Fasa County is examined.
Methodology: This study is descriptive-analytic and a survey research method was employed. Data was collected through field studies. The research population of this study was the head of the rural families of Mianded in Fasa. Using the Cochran formula, a sample of 218 was selected and a questionnaire was given to them. Cronbach alpha coefficient was calculated to determine the reliability of the questionnaire. It indicated that it was a reliable research tool.
Finding: The results of the statistical analysis indicate that the positive relationship between quality of life and sustainable development of agriculture was significant. The partial indices of fit (relative to the critical significance level) indicate that all of the factor loadings are significantly different from zero. Among the latent variables, the sustainable agriculture and the quality of life variables viewer (social, economic, environmental and quality of education, health and income, quality of habitat, environmental quality, infrastructure, leisure and security) have a significant positive relationship.
Research limitation: The lack of access to information about agriculture and the quality of life brought some problems in this research.
Practical implication: According to findings of this study, paying more attention to the quality of life for people who live in rural areas and their problems should be among the priorities of administrators. The problems such as such as housing, water, electricity, creating employment and income, and building the roads are among the inevitable necessities in rural areas.
Original/ value: The value of this study lies in the fact that it is among the few studies focusing on the relationship between quality of life and agriculture. Furthermore, it can be considered as an innovation.