Integration of villages in spatial-skeletal structure of cities (Case Study: City of Mashhad)ample: Mashhad)

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The metropolis – Mashhad- is the biggest population center in the east of Iran which has high dominate. Because of different issues such as religious aspects, being the official and political center of state, high level of professional services and also for its industrial and commercial centralization. Due to all these centralizations, it rolls out like a metropolis. It expanded continually and transmuted villages located within the Peri-Urban it is self. This article is prepared by means of Analytical – documents method with Survey and field operations with the Purpose of integration process of Mashhad transmuted villages of population role of these points on population increase in this city. The result of this study shows that 8.43% of population increase at recent 50 years (between1335-1385) was about integration process of 90 transmuted villages with 188400 populations to this city. In the end, there are some suggestions related to organizing the Peri-Urban areas with the purpose of having more control on integration process in space of city and also Protection and maintenance of some part of rural Structure inside the city to Introduce the rural traditional residential. Moreover apart from the historical evolution of somatic development of Mashhad, it could add the historical and cultural tourist attractions of this city.