Analysis and evaluation the sustainability of agricultural system (case study: rural areas of central district of Minoudasht township)

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Sustainable and continuous development of each country is depended to Sustainable of agricultural system . Therefore achieving Sustainable agricultural system is one of the important policies of each country agriculture section . The sustainability of agricultural system depends on many factors . The knowledge of these factors can play an important role in compiling the policies and strategies of agriculture. The main purpose of this research is recognition and assessment of effective factors on sustainability of agricultural system which has been done as a case study in rural area of central district of Minoudasht township. The method of this research is a descriptive and survey one which has been performed by gathering data through field research. The statistical sample consisted of the heads of rural households all of the villages of central district of Minoudasht township, randomly selected and through the use of Cochran's formula amounting 194 cases and have been studied by the questionnaire .In order to measurement of reliability coefficient the questionnaire was performed scout test that the Cronbach alpha coefficient was more than 0.79 percent. The results of statistical analysis in SPSS software show that that five factors of service –infrastructure supports factor, agent –based sustainable agricultural operations of axis, social –collaborative , ecological and economic are able more than more than 58 percent of the variance to explain the sustainability of agricultural system that in the planning , paying attention to this factors seem necessary .