Social and economic consequences of second homes tourism development in rural areas (Case study: Shirindareh Dehestan, Quchan County)

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Tourism in rural environment expanding due to urbanization, improved transportation and communications systems, the increase in leisure time, etc. and followed by formation and expansion of second homes, the most important phenomena of the twentieth century and present century. Enjoying a privileged position in the study area with natural and ecological and the proximity to the city hosted many tourists Quchan second homes in rural environments. The purpose of this study a variety of second homes tourism development and its comparative analysis from the perspective of owners and residents in Shirindareh Dehestan (Quchan) is. Methods In this study, is experimental and in part of descriptive - analytical. Statistical study of seven villages with 1188 households are that based on Cochrane formula 218 questionnaires in two groups of owners and residents of systematic random method in the region has been collected. Findings showed that the strong relationship between changes of social and economic aspects and tourism development of second homes in the villages there. Highly variable impact of second homes development tourism on social and economic changes of villagers living in 0.502 is estimated, that represents the average impact of second homes tourism is in the area. Investment of non-rural people most affected by a factor of about 35 percent in the formation of rural life has changed. Significant difference in the views of owners and residents to develop of second homes tourism and changes are in the economic aspects of rural life there. Given the findings, solutions include integrated management system designed for second homes tourism, Land-based studies to evaluate the ecological, Studies and waste management and wastewater projects, Administrative regulations relating to environmental design and rural development perspective, Formulation and implementation of regulations related to changes in your gardens and farms to second homes, etc. is proposed.