The performance of village head assistants (Dehyars) in rural development and management (Case study: central district of Birjand County)

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One of the innovations of councils law is the assignment of an executive officer is responsible of implementing legislations of Islamic council of the village. The performances of assistants we classified in three classes of social, economical and environmental- structural indices. The objective of the current research is to evaluate the indices effective on the performance levels of village assistants regarding the developmental procedure of central villages of Birjand city. The current research is a field study. To collect data, a number of 30 households and a number of so village assistance office were sampled with a random sampling method. Then, a number of 305 households were identified as the sample volume using Cochrun formula.The related questionnaires were distributed relative to the population and dimension of the households of each village. Data analysis were managed by a t-test in the software application Spss. From village assistants points of view, Following the establishment of village assistance offices, substantial positive changes have occurred in social, economical and environmental-structural conditions of village development so that 92.5% of village assistants evaluated the development trend of the villages at average or high levels. Village households marked the maintenance of health and hygiene conditions, cooperation with county office and the council, Hadi project planning and enforcement as the best performances of village assistants and aiding in critical situations, funding strategies, and installation, possessions and properties maintenance as the worst performances.