Economic effects of agricultural land use change on rural area(Dehestan of Licharaki Hasan-rood, Bandar Anzali)

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Today, the concerns and discussion about bio environmental and land usage changes have been considered seriously. So, the land usage for tourism purposes is considered as a basic subject. One of the reasons of land usage change is tourism activities. Regarding to Bandar Anzali situation (coast region), it attracts the tourists attention to buy land in order to build homes and also attracts the hotel makers, recreational complex builders and also people who interest to have service jobs for tourism such as restaurant, inn, etc . this is caused to change the land usage from agriculture to construction by the local society and non local people (tourisms and investors). This study is performed as descriptive-analytical .among 2155 families of this rural district, about 328 families were determined as a sample by Cochran test. Data was analyzed by two methods: quantitative (Lickert five items range) and qualitative (parametric statistical methods of Spearman correlation test).to determine the land use, the current situation and investigation of land usage changes, we have used the satellite images Landsat TM during 1997-2008 . The high income, more jobs, more employment rate, making jobs for youth of village, increasing the general income of local institutions such as governing of rural district because of tourism are considered as the positive effects of land change. Also, land change from agriculture to tourism has been caused to increase land and house prices unreal and finally the living expenses have been increased. According to the results of the land change map during 1997-2008 , because of increased construction in and near of this rural district, this region is countered to decreased of agricultural land so the arid lands has been used for agriculture to compensate this condition.