Farzaneh Ghaemi Hossein Sadeghi


Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to evaluate to what extent the construction of common and individual biogas plants can answer the fuel needs of rural people or families.
Methodology: The present study with descriptive - analytical method, examines the fuel needs of the rural people and its supply by biogas from livestock waste.
Findings: The primary outcome of the proportion of rural population and the population of animals is that (If the distribution of the livestock and human population in villages were the same) livestock wastes that can be collected for per rural person, might fully answer his needs for consuming the natural gas in one year. The results show very high potential for producing biogas and its use in rural areas; thus, livestock waste that can be collected in the villages might answer the fuel needs of rural people in acceptable level.
Research limitations: Low awareness and inadequate training in this field were one the problems in the present study. Moreover, the lack of participation in the construction of biogas plants and the lack of comprehensive national plan for developing this technology will prevent the progress of this type of activites. Therefore, it is necessary to solve these problems.
Practical implications: It is important to provide opportunities and special trainings for rural people in order to acquaint them with various advantages of using this technology. In addition, the government support, including granting loans for biogas plants construction, might be effective for developing such a technology.
Original/values: Providing fuel for rural areas by biogas from livestock waste has many advantages, including savings in the consumption of fossil fuels, reducing the cost of gas pipeline to rural areas, the production of enriched fertilizer used in agriculture, the increase in human and environment health and so on.

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GhaemiF., & SadeghiH. (2014). Feasibility Study of Fueling the Iran Rural Areas by Biogas from Livestock Waste. Journal of Research and Rural Planning, 3(5), 121-134. https://doi.org/10.22067/jrrp.v3i5.27218
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