Amir Ahmadpour Esmaeil Alavi


Purpose: One of the major problems in the agriculture field is the land use change that has been growing recently and disturbing the balance of agricultural products in long term. There are many factors that affect farmers' willingness to change the use of land. In this regard, the main objective of this study is to identify factors which affect the agricultural land use change in rural areas in Sari County as an agricultural hub that is faced with the problem of land use change.
Methodology: This research is an applied, descriptive-analytical research. To collect data, library study and field survey were used. The research population consists of 326 farmers who have changed a part of their agricultural land use. Using Krejcie and Morgan’s table, sample size was identified as 175. Samples were selected using stratified proportional sampling method. The research instrument was a questionnaire that its validity was verified by a panel of experts, and its reliability was obtained through Alpha Cronbach test (0.85). The factor analysis technique was used for analyzing data through SPSS software.
Finding: The result of factor analysis determined nine elements as the most important factors affecting land use change including: initial conditions and insufficient supply of initial conditions for planting, socio-economic factors, geographical factors, risk management and lack of access to production inputs. These nine factors identified 66.471% of the variance of the agricultural land use change factor.
Research limitations: Access to farmers and data collection were the major challenges in this study.
Practical implications: Provision, implementation, and maintenance of applied-economic plans such as land integration, permission and establishment of processing- supplementary industries near the agricultural production sectors, paying attention to agricultural insurance and so on, are among the affecting factors which can be considered to reduce or abolish farmers’ motivation to change their land use by creating sustainable balance between the income of the agricultural field and other fields.
Original/value: Identifying factors that play a significant role in accelerating the process of land use change is necessary. Unfortunately to the authors’ knowledge, no study so far has carried out about the land use change in this strategic area. The results might help local authorities specially Jihad-e- Agriculture and Natural Resources to make appropriate decisions and take actions to organize and solve issues related to agricultural land use change.

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AhmadpourA., & AlaviE. (2014). Identification and Analysis of Factors Affecting Agricultural Land Use Change in rural Area (Case Study: Sari County). Journal of Research and Rural Planning, 3(5), 109-120. https://doi.org/10.22067/jrrp.v3i5.27115
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