Vakil Heidari Sarban


Purpose: The main object of this research is to investigate the effective factors on wheat producers' knowledge of soil management in Ardabil province.
Mythology: This study is quantitative in terms of its nature, non-experimental in terms of controlling variables, applied in terms of its objectives and descriptive- analytic in terms of data-gathering procedure. The number of samples was 17500 people that 410 people was selected using the method of multi-level cluster sampling. Also, the number of samples was estimated based on the study of the Krejicie and Morgan. Besides, points of view of some commentators were used to substantiate the questionnaire validity. Also, Cronbach's alpha coefficient and SPSS were used to investigate the reliability of the questionnaire and Cronbach's alpha value was calculated 87%.
Findings: The results of correlation coefficients showed that there is a meaningful relationship between variants of age, history of agricultural activities, experience of wheat cultivation, education, gross income, territory of dry lands, access to agricultural seeds and credit facilities, the territory of agricultural lands, the area under wheat cultivation, promotional activities by promoters, act to the promotional guidelines of promoters, channels and information resources, social participation, and socio-institutional trust with knowledge of wheat producers from soil management.
Research Limitation: One of the main challenges of this study is to access the information about wheat producers' knowledge of soil management.
Practical Implications: Finally, based on research findings it can be said that culture-making can contribute to the sustainability of the farming soil. Meanwhile, adequate credits should be supplied to implement the approach of farm school of farmer and farmer to farmer training i.e. assistance of pioneer farmers. Also, promoters can be central in holding educational courses in order to promote awareness and acceptance of the methods of soil management to improve the sustainability of agricultural resources

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