Sadegh Salehi Zahra Heydari Hadi Karimi


Purpose: Given that the tourism development has many effects on economic, social, cultural, tourist and environmental aspects of tourist areas, the purpose of this research is to answer the main question: what is the effect of tourism development in Do-Hezar Dehestan on sustainable development of tourism?
Methodology: The research is descriptive and analytical. The research statistical population includes the native households living in Do-Hezar Dehestan. The Sample size includes 200 subjects and the information was collected using questionnaire and analyzed by SPSS statistical software.
Findings: The one-sample T-test findings with regard to the economic aspect is equal to 25.2 with regard to the total calculated mean that shows a higher rate compared to the favorable mean of economic aspect (21). The calculated significance level (0.000) indicates the improvement of the economic situation of residents in tourism development. In social and cultural aspects, the calculated mean from the one-sample T-test is equal to 29.1 that show a lower rate in comparison to the favorable mean (30), and these results have a significant agreement among the residents (0.000). In environmental aspect, the calculated mean (26.8) is much lower than the favorable mean (30), which shows undesirable environmental changes caused by tourism development. In managerial and institutional aspect, the mean obtained from the T test (18.1) shows little difference compared to the favorable mean (18) indicating that in some variations, the inhabitants are not satisfied with the performance of managers but they are satisfied in some other cases.
Practical implications: This research is mainly based on quantitative methods and using quantitative methods cannot show all the hidden aspects of tourist behavior or the host community. Therefore, the researchers are recommended to use qualitative research methods for clarifying the relationships between variables in this study.
Original/value: The results of the present study raise the need for paying attention to the sustainable tourism. Obviously, with the increasing demand for tourism at the community level, the places which have the required capacity as one of the important tourist places are concerned by tourists. To improve the sustainability of tourism development, managerial requirements and the protection of the environment for future generations is essential.

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