Identification of Obstacles and Problems of Tourism Development in Rural Areas of Tourism Goal in the West of Marivan County

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University of Zanjan


Purpose: The aim of the present study is to analyze the situation of rural tourism in the west of Marivan by a comprehensive approach. To convey a comprehensive understanding of the obstacles, problems and constraints that cause the desired expansion of tourism in the region, despite the potential for many rural tourism objectives. This comprehensive understanding of the situation, leading to the adoption of targeted feeder program for removing obstacles to tourism development in the villages.
Methodology: Method that already applied to the quantitative research and analytical methods are described. Data from direct observation and semi-structured interviews with four officers, informants’ village, tourists and owners of tourism-related services that recruited by using snowball sampling. By using analyzing theory this study has been done and the tourism problems and obstacles in the region have been recognized. At the end, for approval of the results, questioner sheets among 30 persons of authorities and 100 tourists distributed. Data obtained with a single-sample t-test and path analysis were analyzed.
Findings: The results show that the low quality of services and facilities caused weakness in structures, transportation, low in advertising, low of training and education, the low of tourism appetite for staying, the low participation of people in program are the main issues on the way of developments of tourism in this part of Marivan. The sample groups prove all these obstacles and the last model shows that the lack of good observation is the main problem.
Research Limitation: In the studying region, still there is no perception of a cooperative work of players and elements. The focus is uni-dimensional for tourism, so the result is the lack of productivity of this industry in the region.
Practical implications: Take a holistic view of the system and looking at the management of rural tourism and the creation of a single entity composed of all authorities and institutions related to rural development and regional tourism.
Original/Value: Because this study has a comprehensive and systematic approach for evaluation of tourism, other researchers can used this study and its data.