Mahmoud reza Mirlotfi Seyyed Amir Mohammad Alavizadeh yousef badakhsh


Purpose: Today working at home are considered as important solutions for making jobs and income in throughout the word. The ability of doing this works at home causes the practitioners profit a lot. The main purpose of this issue is pathology of developing home jobs in rural areas in Dishmuk district and also recognition of the most main motives in people’s tendency towards those jobs and the presence of obstacles.
Methodology: The research way in this descriptive - analytic research is based on library studies and circle scrutiny in which data is collected by means of asking questions and letter and also is analyzed by software. Finding results from researching say that equal guess of importance of the all problems and twelve challenges from the answerers’ view in %95 level is repudiated.
Findings: Tested problems and challenges with deferent grades are effective on weakening the development of the home jobs. The problem of bargaining the products with an average 4.88 possesses the maximum effects and be not supported by the officers a lack of financial support in sequence with averages 4.81 and 4.59 are in the next ranks and the minimum effect based on their view is related to the lawful obstacles with the average 1.56
Original/value: The topic of employment and people’s achievement to have a good job are considered the most basic of needs of society, as one of the great development objects in the often countries specially our country is, decreasing unemployment and developing job activities especially in rural areas. Home businesses are considered as important strategies for creating jobs and income throughout the world. The possibility of doing this business at “home” has many benefits for the employees including striking a balance between women’s responsibilities in the family and their employment, removing the costs of renting or buying a workshop and commuting, using other family members’ work force and preparing the ground for family jobs and the possibility of transferring experience through informal education among the members of family.

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MirlotfiM. reza, AlavizadehS. A. M., & badakhsh yousef. (2014). The Pathology of Home Business Development in Rural Areas (Case Study: Dyshmuk District in Kohgiluyeh County). Journal of Research and Rural Planning, 3(5), 1-11. https://doi.org/10.22067/jrrp.v3i5.17556
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