Keywords = Rural economy
Barriers to the Efficiency of the Olive Value Chain in Rural Areas of Tarom County, Iran

Volume 11, Issue 2, July 2022, Pages 81-99

Vahid Riahi; Saeid Nasire Zare

Analysis of the Model of Sustainable Development Planning in Rural Economy of Iran (Case Study: Yazd Province)

Volume 8, Issue 3, August 2019, Pages 99-118

Mehran Fatemi; Hojat Rezaiee; Seyyed Hasan Motiee Langroodi; Hasan Ali Faraji Sabokbar; Alireza Daban Astaneh

Spatial Analysis of Tourism Impacts on the Economy of Rural Areas (Case Study: Rezvanshahr County, Iran)

Volume 8, Issue 3, August 2019, Pages 133-150

Fahad Javan; Hasan Afrakhteh; Vahid Riyahi

Production of Medicinal Herbs, an Approach to Sustain the Rural Economy (Case Study: Villages in Ghochan County)

Volume 6, Issue 1, June 2017, Pages 173-187

Hamid Jafari; Mohammad Ali Ahmadian; Abbas Tarhani

Establishment Impacts Assessment of the Industrial Units on Rural Economy (Case Study: Central District of Firouzabad County, Fars Province)

Volume 2, Issue 2, December 2013, Pages 233-258

Javad Bazrafshan; Somayeh Rezayi; Mohammad Reza Mansouri Daneshvar