Yousef Ghanbari


Purpose¬- The objective of the study is to assess the satisfaction rate of village residents from life quality as a factor affecting immigration, together with the sense of belonging as a factor preventing immigration, and the correlation thereof, among the residents of Khosrowabad village (statistical population=672) in Konani district, Kuhdasht county.
Design/methodology/approach- The method adopted is descriptive-analytic. The sample collected by Cochran sampling method constitutes 262 residents. The data required in this study are obtained by questionnaire and the descriptive inferential statistics is applied for data analysis.
Findings: The results reveal that the satisfaction rate of residents from life quality in Khosrowabad village is lower than that of the average. The satisfaction rate of males with 2.88% is higher than that of females with 2.85%. The regression analysis results indicate that the economic index with 0.244 β is the most effective on life quality. The analysis of the sense of belonging revealed that the rate of this variable is higher than that of the average and the psychological-tranquility index with 0.493 β is the most effective. As to the Spearman test, the correlation between life quality satisfaction and sense of belonging is significant at 99%.
Research limitations/implications- Life quality is a multidimensional issue with various definitions and theories thereof. The villagers’ attitude towards life quality and its indexes is restricted.
Originality/value- The attitude in this study towards such issues like life quality and sense of belonging is different and the study area is being exposed to this type of study for the first time.

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Yousef, G. (2018). Interpreting the Components of Villagers’ Life Quality Satisfaction and Sense of Belonging (Case Study: Khosrowabad Village, Kuhdasht County). Journal of Research and Rural Planning, 7(3), 45-60. https://doi.org/10.22067/jrrp.v5i4.67259
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